The Abruzzo traditions are based on the coexistence of the rites of Christian devotion and ancient pagan cults, often linked to the rural world and involving the whole community of the various countries that are in the area.
The most important events officially opens in Easter week and ends at end of the year.
The most celebrated occasions:

"The running Madonna" "La Madonna che scappa" in Sulmona -  A procession where the Virgin Mary runs to meet her Risen son;
"The Farchie" in Fara Filiorum Petri and "Faugni" in Atri - feast in honor of St. Antonio Abate  where they set fire to bundles of reeds that are more than a meter wide and ten meters high during the night;
"The Feast of Snakes" " La Festa die Serpari" and many other representations related to the cult of St. Domenico -A procession in which the statue of the saint is covered with snakes that are harmless on that day;
"The feast of St. Zopito" of Loreto Aprutino - pagan ritual associated with the patronal feast of the ox kneel before the statue of the saint.


Ceramics: Castles.
Gold and Silver: Pescocostanzo, Scanno, Guardiagrele, Orsogna, Sulmona, L'Aquila, Casoli.
Copper and Wrought Iron: Pescocostanzo, Lanciano, Ortona, Vasto, Scanno, Tossicia.
Stone: Lettomanoppello, Pretoro, Pennapiedimonte, Pacentro.
Fabrics: Taranta Peligna, Pescocostanzo, Scanno.

Local products and recipes

The Abruzzo cuisine comes from centuries of experience in the growth of crops, livestock and work in the raw materials. Simple dishes are still prepared from the original recipes  are still passed down from generation to generation.
Many regional products are very well known and appreciated abroad, among are the excellent Montepulciano and Trebbiano wines, exported all over the world, oils and many other delicacies.


The herbs of the mountains of Abruzzo allow you to produce high-quality spirits. The well known and strong (72 °) is definitely the Centerbe which is flanked by Gentian and Ratafià.


Abruzzo is a major producer of honey, collected from all over the region. Excellent and may be flavored with thyme, chestnut and acacia.
There are so many regional traditional sweets in each providence. Among the most famous include mostaccioli, the neole, bocconotti, the sise of the nuns, the confetti from Sulmona and so on.


Saffron is mainly produced the plateau of Navelli, a town rich in history and castles, is considered the best in the world by experts.


The Abruzzo region has a traditional production of the very valuable truffle so much so that the markets conceal their  suppliers in Alba and Norcia that now It is trying to assert its identity as a land of excellent production.


Several are legumes, grains and vegetables that are grown in Abruzzo native like spelled, solina, lentils of Santo Stefano, cicerchia Navelli, red garlic of Sulmona. There is also a large variety of mushrooms located in the foothills.


Pig breeding has a long tradition in Abruzzo and pork processing allows the preparation of mountain hams "prosciutto" and a wide selection of meats, starting with liver sausages. The most renowned meats are Aquila salami, Campotostomortadella and ventricina.


Pastoralism has been for thousands of years the main economic activity of the region and even today the production of cheese represents excellence among the typical products. In Abruzzo the most widespread livestock is sheep: The most popular is the delicious pecorino cheese, which either fresh or aged are in a thousand different suggestions of many traditional dishes. Then let us not forget ricotta, giuncata, goat cheese and many other specialties.


A key feature of the hilly Abruzzo is the well cultivated and welcomed rows of vines and the unmistakable silhouettes of olive trees, which yield award winning  extra virgin olive oil DOP quality that has received awards in various international festivals, competitions, such as the "Sol" in Verona. There are three DOP oils, originating in the olive-growing areas for excellence:
Aprutino-Pescara, Chieti Hills, Hills Teramane-Pretuziano.


Among the precious Abruzzo vineyards throughout the region and the Trebbiano D'Abruzzo for whites and Montepulciano D'Abruzzo for the redsrewarded have received many awards (DOC and DOCG). More recent wines are the Passerina, Pecorino and Cococciola. Another is cooked wine "vino cotto", perfect to
accompany desserts.

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