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Abruzzo has 4 national parks, one regional and 30 reserves makes it the "greenest region in Europe,"and the ideal place to spend your holidays and do many wonderful and interesting trips.

The National Park of Abruzzo

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise are the oldest and most important in Italy. The biodiversity of the Park is very rich and varied, both in terms of plant and animal life, just imagine the presence of the brown bear "l'orso marsicano". The town of Pescasseroli is located in the heart of the park but there are many villages that offer art, culture, culinary and artisan traction as well as many educational activities and sports.

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The National Park Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga

The territory of the park, with mountainous characteristics, presents a very different natural environment as are the plant and wildlife. The vegetation is much thicker in the Teramo side, compared to Lazio and Aquila's strewn pastures, includes beech forests and magnificent blooms at high altitudes. Among the wildlife are the wolf, chamois, wild boar, bear, and golden eagle.

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The National Park of Majella

The key feature of the Majella National Park is the continued presence of man on its slopes since the dawn of time, as noted by various prehistoric sites.The wildlife that live on this "mother mountain" of Abruzzo, are the wolf, chamois, otters, deer and over 30 species of birds. You can admire small parktowns of great historical interest: Pacentro, Pescocostanzo, Guardiagrele as well as several monasteries and abbeys.

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The Regional Park Sirente-Velino

Established in 1989, the park has rare species of plant and wildlife. Even from a historical and geographical point of view, the park has different areas: the area of the Velino with relics dating back Italic (Alba Fucens, the Valley Subequana, more tied to the history of the Eagle) and the plateau of the Rocche with its medieval towns and passage where herds passed during periods of transhumance. Rich in art and nature lends itself to be a destination for visits throughout the year.

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Celestino's hermitages

Abruzzo has a very special aspect of religion Abruzzo which is linked to the phenomenon hermit and aided by no doubt by the environment of the region. The landscape has contributed to the establishment of a dense straight of hermitages and sanctuaries of extraordinary beauty inhabited by monks and hermits, among of which Celestine V, Pope of the "Great Refusal".

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Launch - The Eucharistic Miracle

The Church of San Francesco located in Lanciano, is popular with tourists and pilgrims: it is here that the most ancient Eucharistic Miracle was witnessed back in the 700's which consisted of five drops of coagulated blood and a thin membrane of flesh resulted in the transformation of the Host.

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Manoppello - The Holy Face

In Manoppello, a small village at the foot of the Majella, is the Shrine of the Holy Face "volto santo". It was originally built in 600 and hosts pilgrims since it is home to the the veil that shows what is believed to be the face of Christ. This image is visible from both sides in the same exact way, is called "the Veil of Veronica" and along with the Holy Shroud, would be the only unpainted image "acheropita" of Christ.

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Island of Gran Sasso / San Gabriel

Isola del Gran Sasso, a small country town at the foothill, offers significant and popular expressions of art, architecture, traditions, and religion. It also offers an important natural heritage. The country is known for the presence of the Shrine of St. Gabriel, "saint of joy and smile," which is among the top fifteen most visited shrines in the world.

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Campli - Scala Santa

Campli, a quiet village at the foot of the Monti della Laga, was an important center of the border between Teramo, Ascoli, the Bourbon Kingdom and the Papal States. Due to its strategic position it enjoys numerous privileges from the Church, which include the presence of the Holy Steps, a top destination for many tourists and pilgrims. La Scala owes its fame to the fact that, climbing the 28 steps made of oak on their knees, allows to obtain absolution for sins, and in some days of the year, a plenary indulgence.

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