Sport & Activities

For all sport lovers, Pineto is the ideal place. Runners and bicyclists will be enthusiastic about the bike path that runs along the sea for 8 km and an additional 5km into the magnificent historical Pineta, ending at the famous Torre Cerrano. Here, thanks to the protected marine Tower of Cerrano, you can participate in activities such as: Nordic Walking, Kayaking, Fishing Courses, Snorkeling in the submerged ancient Roman port.

For mountain bike lovers, Pineto offers many routes, such as the one of 25km one way that goes up the river until you get to Castelnuovo Vomano, or in Filiani park where you are immersed in a lush green park until you get to the ancient village of Mutignano. For the more experienced on the other hand, can venture into the natural reserve of the oasis of the badlands of Atri ( riserva naturale dei calanchi di Atri), where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful and unique scenery of over 50km.

To enhance the many resources of our territory, Hotel Ambasciatori- Pineto has an agreement with TOP-BIKE where you can consult with an experienced cycling guide which will be available to accompany and assist you with your chosen itinerary. If you wish to make individual excursions, they can offer great advice that best suits your specific needs and interests.

Release your energy and treat yourself to a dream vacation: Head to Hotel Ambasciatori- Pineto to experience your longing to vacation and enjoy your preferred sport to find your mental and physical balance.


In addition, the hotel staff will have various opportunities for excursions that will satisfy your urge for movement!

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In addition, the hotel staff will have various opportunities for excursions that will satisfy your urge for movement!

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Our Guest Words

"Excellent with small child"

We were here for the second time this year the place is in a great location the seafront pool is very useful with a 6 month old. The staff is friendly and attentive to the needs of children the structure is out of the center so the place is very quiet the bike path in front of the hotel on the sea is great for beautiful walks overlooking the sea without having to walk on the sand so great for the stroller.

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For years, I have been returning to the ambassadors' hotel because I feel very well both in terms of location, staff, cuisine, beach, rooms, what else can we hope for a nice holiday? Every time, even if I'm on a diet I just can not, too inviting dishes ...

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"Looking for Relax"

With my wife we were looking for a place to relax a bit and after a lot of research we found a free room in this hotel ... we have been there very well, the staff is fantastic, the food is good, the rooms are clean. The clientele goes from newborn children to old people and everyone from what I saw was very happy to stay there. A place therefore where we would like to return.

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